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We have been providing full-service pest management, dedicated to professionalism and quality, since 1999. To us, the health of our community here in Southeast Texas is paramount, which is why we use products and treatment methods that effectively get rid of pests but don’t endanger families and pets. A major focus of ours is how pests can affect the overall well-being of people, and we aim to minimize the detrimental aspects of pests so our neighbors and community members can thrive.

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Pest Control Based In Customer Satisfaction

Founded on principles of integrity, honesty, and reliability, GuardTech equips our staff with the training needed to deliver quality results no matter what. Each of our exterminators is thorough, informative, courteous, and knowledgeable thanks to our detailed onboarding training as well as on-the-job training and monthly continuing education. We’re proud Texans, grateful to live in and serve our communities. 

5 Star Review

We've had a great experience with GuardTech. We've used several different pest management companies in the past but have been with GuardTech for several years now and plan to stay with them. Their prices are fair and their services provide excellent value. They are always on time and give you a call when they're a few minutes away to let you know they're close. I really appreciate that. We had a unique situation with a squirrel that kept entering and exiting our attic and GuardTech solved the problem.

Kelli Nash
5 Star Review

I used another pest company before and they really didn't care about concerns.... My mom has a lot of problems with chemicals, I own rental properties and have a lady who really does not like bugs. Trey was the one who came out and he really asked and answered both ladies' questions about their bugs, about their concerns, talked to them about the chemicals and how to get the most out of the treatment. He spent a little extra time and made them feel great. Also - just know - when they give you a time window - they are on time!

5 Star Review

Our first time using them to treat ants. When they came out for a quote they were very professional. Then today, Brian came out 10 min early, explained everything that he was going to do, just as in the quote. He was very friendly and personal. Thank you Guard Tech. Highly recommended.

Trina Duffy