GuardTech offers a variety of mosquito control services for your home, business or HOA’s.

Types of Mosquito Control Services Include:

  • Mosquito Traps
  • Misting Systems
  • Truck fogging
  • Back-pack fogging

Mosquito Treatment Services

Mosquito Traps

Mosquito Traps lure  and contaminate Aedes mosquitoes with a special slow-killing larvicide and let them spread this to other breeding sites (which are often hard to find and treat) so that mosquito larvae are not only killed inside the trap but also in its vicinity. This is combined with a biological adulticide that kills the contaminated mosquito after a few days to prevent her from transmitting any viruses like Dengue or Zika virus. In this way, the product kills the mosquitoes and their offspring, so that populations are reduced and disease transmission risks are lowered significantly.  The Mosquito Traps are offered through our UltraGuard Premium Monthly Exterior Protection Program.

Misting Systems

Misting systems are automated systems where a base station and spray nozzles are strategically installed around the structure or lawn areas. This system is set on a timer that emits an environmentally friendly pesticide to areas of mosquito activity.  It is usually set to come on at dusk and dawn, but can be turned on anytime with a remote control.

Truck Fogging

Truck fogging is a very useful service for businesses, HOA’s, outdoor activities or larger areas where mosquito activity is found or prevention is wanted.  With the truck fogging service, our technician will drive around the area with the truck mounted fogging machine emitting the mosquito pesticide.  This technique is used in a lot of cities and municipalities.

Back-pack fogging

Back-pack fogging is like the truck fogging except on a much smaller scale.  Our technician will walk small areas with a fogger mounted on his back and fog grass, landscaping, trees, etc. around structures.  This type of treatment is for immediate results and usually does not have a very long residual effect.