Liberty, TX

Residents of Liberty, TX, can be grateful for a number of things. They enjoy the charm of life in a relatively small town, have quick access to the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge, and are able, after a less than 45-minute drive, to take advantage of all that Houston has to offer. If there’s one thing that some could complain about, it’s the humid subtropical climate in this region with summers being generally hot and muggy.

The climate makes this city a prime target for various pests. Believe us at GuardTech Pest Management: You don’t want pests in your home or business. Termites, both subterranean and drywood, can cause serious property damage. Bed bugs can infest the nooks and crannies and suck your blood in your sleep. Rodents and cockroaches can transmit bacteria like salmonella. Rather than perform termite, bed bug, or rodent control all alone, rely on our experienced technicians. We can ensure that the pests never return.

Pest Control Services

It all starts with the inspection. We offer termite inspections, for example, after which we can provide a free quote for whatever procedure is needed. Our team could install bait stations to eliminate subterranean termites and perform fumigation or spot wood treatments for drywood termites. As for our bed bug treatment, this will likely come in the form of a whole-room heat treatment since these pests are killed by temperatures of at least 117 degrees.

Our business proudly incorporates IPM methods for pest control Liberty residents can count on to be eco-friendly. IPM stands for integrated pest management and highlights treatments that take into account a pest’s interactions with the environment.


Oftentimes, a one-time ant, roach, termite, or bed bug treatment is not enough, which is why we’ve set up an UltraGuard pest control program. There are three levels: Basic, Plus, and Premium. As part of the program, we provide a comprehensive set of interior and exterior pest treatments on a regular basis. Most times, customers have us come over every three months, but we also offer bimonthly and monthly treatments.

The UltraGuard Plus adds on fire ant control, termite monitoring, and other services while the UltraGuard Premium will give you two or more services than the Plus. All the while, our technicians will monitor your property for signs of a re-infestation.

In all, we can eliminate:

• Ants
• Cockroaches
• Spiders
Mosquitoes and fleas
• Bees and wasps
Bed bugs
• Silverfish
• Earwigs
Rats and mice

Pest Control Liberty Customers Trust

Perhaps you’re seeking effective rodent control or cost-effective termite inspections. Whatever your needs are, GuardTech Pest Management will fulfill them. Hardin County News, naming us the best pest control company in the county, bestowed upon us the 2019 People’s 1st Choice Award.

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