The Texas community of Porth Arthur is located in the state’s Jefferson County. The town’s history extends back to its 1895 founding. Since then, it has steadily grown and currently has a population above 50 thousand. Port Arthur is known as a great place to live and work.

It is also known for experiencing very humid weather. This fact can end up contributing to many of the pest problems that local Port Arthur residents and business owners have to contend with.

When Port Arthur residents and business owners need the services of the area’s leading pest control team, they rely on our professionals here at GuardTech Pest Management. We are proud of our status as the leading provider of pest control Port Arthur.

Our highly trained team members have the knowledge and experience required to help you out if you are dealing with pest problems at your Port Arthur home or business. Our proven methods have helped countless customers over the years to get rid of the invasive pests that were causing them issues at their properties.

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Our company is there for you when you need assistance in protecting your home against invasive pests such as insects, rodents, and spiders. Our highly trained, fully insured pest control prevention and control technicians will systematically assess your situation when they come to your property so that an appropriate plan of action can be put together.

You can rely on us to always walk you through the entire process before we take any action. Our pest prevention and control services are ideal for homeowners that wish to protect their properties and family members from the harm that pests can do. They are also ideal for business owners that wish to protect their valuable commercial assets.


Here at GuardTech Pest Management, we utilized proven UltraGuard programs for controlling pests in the homes and business properties of our customers. Our proven system is effective against an extensive list of invasive pests that can be a problem for property owners in the Port Arthur region of Texas. We offer UltraGuard Basic, Plus, and Premium service levels

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