Rodent control can vary, in regards, to whether you are dealing with mice or rats.  The most common rodents that we deal with are the house mouse, roof rat and Norway rat.  Rodents are not only a nuisance, but can cause damage to materials by gnawing, they eat and contaminate stored food, they are also of human health importance as disease carriers and vectors.  Mice are very curious and are a lot easier to catch than rats, who tend to be very wary of new things entered into their environment, like traps or bait.

Steps to Rodent Control

  • Eliminate all accessible food and water. Be aware of potential food sources, such as pet bowls, bird feeders, etc. 
  • If rodents are on the inside of the structure, catch them by using snap traps, live traps, glue boards, and bait as a last resort.
  • Eliminate Shelter & Harborage
  • Install rodent stations / bait on the exterior 

Rodent Exclusion

If rodents are getting to the interior of the structure, exclusion measures will need to be taken.  Inspection of the exterior and sealing off all openings will be needed.  This can include foam sealing, caulking, screening, adding or modifying flashing on roof pitches, pest-proofing brick weep-holes, etc.