GuardTech’s UltraGuard Termite Program is your complete termite service.  GuardTech can treat your existing structure for termite control as well as pre-treat new construction.  If you already have termites, or suspect a termite infestation, GuardTech will provide a free inspection and recommendations for eliminating your termite issue.

Termite Inspections

When was the last time you had a Termite Inspection performed on your home or property? Many people get a termite inspection when they purchase their home but then forget about it. The fact is termites are silent destroyers and you likely won’t know you have an infestation until it’s too late.

Termite Monitoring

Don’t just hope for the best… protect your home with our UltraGuard Termite Monitoring Program.  For a small additional fee (depending on size of home) added to your monthly or quarterly UltraGuard Pest Program, we will inspect for termite activity at every service.   If termites are found, we will spot treat (10 linear feet) of the area of termite activity at no cost to you.

New Home Construction: Termite Protection

If you are having a new home built or if you are planning to build one in the future, you really need to plan on having a termite pre-treatment performed.

There are two types of termite pre-treatments.  One is a soil treatment, where the soil under the slab foundation is treated prior to the foundation being poured.  The second and more common treatment is a wood treatment.  With this treatment, the bottom portion (approximately 2’) of all the walls are treated after the house is framed.

The most common termite is the subterranean termite and the purpose of a pre-treatment is to prevent the termite, that lives under ground, from foraging from the ground to the new structure.