Lumberton, Texas is home to the 2466-acre Village Creek State Park, part of Texas’ Big Thicket gateway. Biologists and nature lovers of every ilk love this area for its complex ecosystems and diversity of plant and animal life.

Of course, those ecosystems include insects too–insects better left in the park and not brought into your Lumberton home or business. Fortunately, if you do run up against an insect invasion, you can trust GuardTech Pest Management to send them packing.

Pest Control Services

At GuardTech Pest Management, we don’t just exterminate pests, we continue to monitor the situation and will advise your family or staff what to be on the lookout for in order to prevent repeat infestations.

Our array of services include Integrated Pest Management, which employs the use of low-hazard chemicals and techniques appropriate for sensitive locales, including schools, nursing homes and hospitals. We install pesticide-treated insulation that is safe for your family members and pets, but deadly to unwanted pests.

And we provide termite inspection services for property owners and local real estate companies, providing full reports on any damages we see or conducive conditions that may exist.

Of course, pest control isn’t just about exterminating pests within your home or business. It’s also about keeping them from getting inside in the first place. Our pest exclusion service utilizes multiple pest-proofing strategies on the exterior of your home or business from roof to foundation to keep them at bay. We also provide services to protect your lawn and commercial landscapes from damaging pests.


Our UltraGuard Pest Control Program employs modern technology to eliminate an array of pests like ants, roaches, and spiders. It’s even effective for rodent control.

When you sign up for our Basic program, we’ll treat both the interior and exterior of your home or business with, typically three-month, regularly scheduled follow-up treatments to the exterior. You can also take advantage of one of our step services such as UltraGuard Plus, which allows for an additional service above the Basic or UltraGuard Premium, which allows for two or more additional services.

These extra services can include termite control, mosquito control, fire ants or any number of especially concerning pests at your home or facility.

Pests We Service

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When you’re looking for the very best in Lumberton pest control at your home or business, GuardTech Pest Management is the choice to make. Our qualified service technicians are dedicated to controlling and eliminating even the most insidious pests, and, as we do with all our clients, we’ll tackle yours head on. Call us today for a free quote for our services.